Damian Clark is a Bristol knee and trauma surgeon specialising in knee pain and injury

This website provides a platform to support people with knee pain and instability.


I hope it answers some of your questions about your knee and any knee pain you are suffering. If you need surgery then this website works with the myrecovery app to support you on your journey.

About me

I am a knee and trauma surgeon based in Bristol. I see patients in the public and private sectors who are suffering from knee pain.


My work includes patellofemoral surgery and knee ligament reconstructions. I treat knee arthritis and undertake partial and total knee replacements. I also perform arthroscopy, osteotomies and trauma surgery.


I attended secondary school in Bristol before medical school at Kings College London. I then trained at the University of Calgary, the University of Swansea and the University of Bristol. I was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons and of the European Board of Orthopaedics and Traumatology in 2013. I was the most awarded fellow of my Canadian cohort receiving two fellowship prizes for best surgeon research.


I bring a modern approach to sports injuries and arthritis care. Much of this experience gained from fellowships in Australia, Canada, India and the UK. I have worked with medical teams caring for several professional sports teams in North America and Australia. This included working with American footballers and Australian rugby players.

profile picture showing Damian Clark, a Bristol knee and trauma surgeon specialising in knee pain and knee injury

Areas of interest

I work with patients in the NHS and the private sector and regularly care for soft tissue and bone injury, sporting injuries and chronic disease.

I really enjoy working with this active group as the journey extends from reconstructive surgery through to rehab and supporting a return to play.

Knee injury can lead to knee arthritis so injuries should not be ignored. Intensive training has provided me with the skills to help knee and trauma patients.

Very few surgeons specialise in this field. However, Bristol is a world leader in surgery for this condition and it remains a focus of much of my research.

I am amazed by how often this common condition is ignored. It is painful, debilitating and often invisible. I offer a range of treatments and not just surgery!

The most consistent surgical treatment for severe arthritis. I perform both partial knee or total knee replacements and the results can be very rewarding.

I’m interested in postoperative rehabilitation. It’s about making the most of your resources with support in physiotherapy and the myrecovery app.

What you can expect when booking your knee consultation

If surgery is required then I aim to complete the procedure within one month after your initial contact. Typically;

Week one—book the initial consultation

Week two—if required, have MRI scan

Week three—scan assessment, review and plan

Week four—treatment and, if necessary, book surgery

and, for peace of mind;

I am registered and fee assured with the major insurers

I am registered with the General Medical Council

I only use top-rated implants

Book Appointment

Contact my medical secretary to arrange a consultation at the knee clinic.


Meeting at the knee clinic for diagnosis and to discuss all your options.

Scan and Plan

Arrange MRI scan before discussing results and devising your treatment plan.

Confirm Surgery

Preparation for surgery with instructions and possible preoperative physiotherapy.


Operating day leading to either home same day or short stay admission.

After Surgery

Wound check and postoperative assessment at knee clinic.


Rehab will be managed and supported by physiotherapy and myrecovery.


Further information and support are always available should you have any concerns.
Damian Clark is a Bristol knee surgeon who specialises in treating knee pain and this picture shows him and three nurses standing in theatre with the robotic-assisted knee replacement technology that he uses for certain knee surgeries
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Working with experts at the Knee Specialists in Bristol

It is a pleasure to work with colleagues who are leaders in the field of orthopaedic surgery. In some cases where there are specific sub-specialist problems, I will refer to colleagues with expertise in other areas. Working alongside other surgeons enables sub-specialisation so that we can strive for better patient experience and outcomes.

Do you suffer from knee pain and want to discuss possible treatments?