nSTRIDE® APS is the only early intervention treatment to target the cause of osteoarthritis knee pain

I am pleased to offer nSTRIDE®, a novel therapy designed to treat knee arthritis pain and keep you active.


Patients with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis might be suitable to receive the nSTRIDE® APS treatment.

What is nSTRIDE® APS?

nSTRIDE® is a small injection into your knee joint which is designed to alleviate pain and bring balance back to your inflamed knee.

How does it work?

nSTRIDE® works by introducing into the inflamed knee high levels of good proteins concentrated from your own blood.


These good proteins can block the bad proteins which are responsible for the inflammatory condition of your joint. Other good proteins can then contribute to the health of your cartilage.


In just one injection, nSTRIDE® can reduce pain in the knee joint, improve your joint function and keep you active.

Who can have nSTRIDE® APS?

nSTRIDE® is suitable for patients with knee pain from osteoarthritis.


If other early intervention therapies and conservative therapies have not worked for you, you may be a candidate for nSTRIDE® treatment. I can advise on whether nSTRIDE® is suitable for you.

What is it like having nSTRIDE® APS?

Unlike surgery, nSTRIDE® is a rapid procedure from which there is little recovery time. Blood is taken from your arm and then processed through multiple steps during the following hour. The final product of the processing is introduced to the knee by injection. You can go home within the hour.

3d rendered medically accurate illustration of the human knee showing knee arthritis in a patient who falls in the treatment gap so could be suitable for the nstride aps knee injection

Just one injection

nSTRIDE® is the only single-injection therapy where the benefits are sustained for up to 3 years. There is a small injection into your knee joint which is designed to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation of the knee.

Autologous solution

Autologous means it comes from you. By taking a sample of your own blood, your doctor can process the blood to extract and concentrate certain molecules. Good proteins have a therapeutic effect on the OA process happening in your knee.

Lasts up to 3 years

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the effectiveness of one injection can last up to 24–36 months, where benefits could significantly decrease pain, reduce stiffness and help restore mobility and flexibility.

A single intraarticular nSTRIDE® APS knee injection is safe and continues to provide pain improvement at 1 year.

Kon E, Engebretsen L, Peter Verdonk P, Nehrer S and Filardo G. “Two-year Clinical Outcomes of An Autologous Protein Solution Injection For Knee Osteoarthritis.” ICRS 14th World Congress, presented 2018.

How will the nSTRIDE® APS treatment be performed?

Your blood is taken and white blood cells are harvested from it

Within 20 minutes your blood is processed to isolate anti-inflammatory proteins

These anti-inflammatory proteins will be injected back into your knee joint

Pain is reduced, mobility is increased and your joint function will improve

banner image showing a young male doctor examining an older patient's knee and and explaining the problem. the image is supported by zimmer biomet text about the improved knee pain relief at 3 years after the nstride aps knee injection


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† As measured by WOMAC pain scores reported by patients continuing follow-up through 3 years (n=19). 19 out of the original cohort of 31.

Would you like to find out if you are suitable for the nSTRIDE® APS knee injection?