Knee treatments and procedures of special interest

The best treatment will depend on the particular knee problem and the individual. When choosing a treatment I will consider not only your knee but also your general health, activity level and most importantly your objectives. I will discuss a variety of evidence-based treatments and which is most suited to you.

ACL injuries occur when the knee twists excessively. Reconstructive surgery is followed by rehab and a return to play.

Kneecap dislocation can lead to arthritis, loss of confidence and pain. It can start in adolescence and lead to lifelong issues.

Bristol is a world leader in robot-assisted knee replacement surgery. I offer PKR and TKR and use high performing implants.

Arthritis is often undertreated. It is painful, debilitating and often invisible. I offer several treatments, not just surgery.

An advanced injection made from your own blood is injected into your knee. Knee pain relief can exceed 18 months.

Obesity is a major cause of arthritis and is an important consideration when planning treatment.

If you have knee pain but don’t know what to do then why not get in touch and we can discuss your options?