Maximise your rehabilitation with enhanced recovery

I have worked with the team at myrecovery and with physiotherapists to create a customised app. This app supports you for both your surgery and rehabilitation. The myrecovery app does not replace any of the standard physiotherapy or support.


Although we have access to a plethora of information I find that patients often feel that there are gaps. This is where healthcare has some catching up to do compared with other services. I hope the myrecovery app will empower you to take control of your rehabilitation. You should have greater confidence in the process. It will provide you with post-operative instructions and collect data on your progress. It is what I would want if I were having surgery.

image showing a patient lying on an exercise bed receiving physiotherapy from a physiotherapist as part of the enhanced recovery and rehabilitation programme offered after knee surgery
image of the myrecovery app displayed on 2 mobile phone devices showing the welcome and exercise screens used for physiotherapy and rehabilitation before and after knee surgery

Welcome to the myrecovery app

This app forms a crucial part of your treatment. You will find a range of helpful resources to inform, support and empower you  throughout your journey to recovery:

  • Important video updates
  • Interactive exercise plans
  • Tools to track your progress
  • Peer-reviewed articles
  • Reliable information

At myrecovery, our aim is to improve the experience of having surgery. We do this by informing, empowering and enabling people to engage with their own care and prepare for each stage of their road to recovery.

How to get the myrecovery app

To download your complimentary myrecovery app simply click on the myrecovery logo or button where you will be directed to the registration form. Once completed you will receive a notification via text or email with a link to download the app to your device.


If you have any questions or suggestions for your app, contact the myrecovery App Support team on [email protected] or phone 0207 060 1141.

Do you want to return to a healthy and active lifestyle after your treatment?